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Conferences are usually considered more prestigious than journals in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) discipline. The top two conferences in this area are CHI and CSCW. In the ICTD (Information and Communication Technologies and Development) field, the top conferences are ICTD and COMPASS. The top two journals in HCI are Transactions on Computer-Human Interactions (ToCHI) and Transactions on Social Computing (TSC).

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  • Mohammad Rashidujjaman Rifat, Ashratuz Zavin Asha, Shivesh Singh Jadon, Xinyi Yan, Shion Guha, and Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed.
    Compromise, Community, and Harmony: Religious Values and Ethics in Designing for Mitigating Islamophobia.
    ACM Transactions on Social Computing (TSC) [In press]

  • Mohammad Rashidujjaman Rifat, Ayesha Bhimdiwala, Ananya Bhattacharjee, Amna Batool, Dipto Das, Nusrat Jahan Mim, Abdullah Hasan Safir, Sharifa Sultana, Taslima Akter, Estelle Smith, Bryan Semaan, Shaimaa Lazem, Robert Soden, Michael Muller, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed.
    Many Worlds of Ethics: Ethical Pluralism in CSCW.
    CSCW 2023

  • Ananya Bhattacharjee, Dana Kulzhabayeva, Mohi Reza, Harsh Kumar, Eunchae Seong, Xuening Wu, Mohammad Rashidujjaman Rifat, Robert Bowman, Rachel Kornfield, Alex Mariakakis, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Munmun De Choudhury, Gavin Doherty, Mary Czerwinski, and Joseph Jay Williams.
    Integrating Individual and Social Contexts into Self-Reflection Technologies.
    CHI 2023​

  • Sourav Saha, Jahedul Alam Junaed, Maryam Saleki, Arnab Sen Sharma, Mohammad Rashidujjaman Rifat, Mohamed Rahouti, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Nabeel Mohammed, Mohammad Ruhul Amin
    Vio-Lens: A Novel Dataset of Annotated Social Network Posts Leading to Different Forms of Communal Violence and its Evaluation
    EMNLP Workshop on Bangla Language Processing​

  • Abdullah Hasan Safir, Sharifa Sultana, Mohammad Rashidujjaman Rifat, and Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed.
    Big Data and AI in the Global South. 
    Third Data Justice Conference



       Technology Needs for the Muslim Communities Around the World.






       Best of ICTD 2016






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